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Groves Hospital Volunteer Association (GHVA)

Please be advised that all of our volunteer programs are suspended at this time. This includes all volunteer placements, interviews, orientations and on-boarding until further notice. Applications are still be accepted, however they will not be processed until our volunteer programs are reinstated. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to check back for updates as they become available.

About GHVA

The Groves Hospital Volunteer Association (GHVA) volunteers have been actively assisting Groves Memorial Community Hospital with providing the best patient care since 1933.  

Each individual brings their unique life experiences and skills to the work of the Association.  Every member is valued and recognized for the contribution they make to the hospital, working to enrich the lives of others in our community in countless ways.

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to help support Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

For a brief history of GHVA, click here.

MISSION: Groves Hospital Volunteer Association supports Groves Memorial Community Hospital through its volunteer programs and services.

VISION: Excellence in service through volunteerism.

VALUES: Compassion; Commitment; Cooperation; Competence; Confidentiality.


The Groves Hospital Volunteer Association (GHVA) is the proud recipient of the 2018 Community Social Responsibility Award. 

The award is presented by the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce to an individual, group, organization or business that has displayed hard work and dedication to bettering our community. It is the second time GHVA has won the Community Social Responsibility Award.

Volunteer Board

Groves Hospital Volunteer Association is represented by a self-governing Board.

The President of the Volunteer Association has a voting seat on the Groves Memorial Community Hospital Board of Directors.

Our current Board Members are as follows:

Position Name
President Howard Dobson
Vice President Linda Benallick 
Director, Corporate Secretary Shelley-Ann Morgan
Director, Treasurer Ken Steffler
Director, Business Development Ann Ironside
Director, Governance Lili Cretu
Director, Human Resources  Don Kidd
Director, Communications Bethany Parkinson
Director at Large Brenda Chamberlain
Director at Large Gloria Shoon

Ex-Officio Members are as follows:

Position Name
GMCH Board Chair Gilles Madore
Chief HR Officer, Wellington Health Care Alliance (Interim) Rosemarie Auld
Past President  Paul Macqueen


Recent Projects

Groves Re-development Project Pledge

Groves Hospital Volunteer Association completed a $1 million pledge to Groves Redevelopment Project.

The one million dollars went towards a state-of-the-art Diagnostic Imaging and Picture Archiving System. The 2002 pledge was completed in 2007.

CT Scanner Pledge

2008 Groves Hospital Volunteer Association (GHVA)  contributed $500,000 through a three year pledge. which was completed in two years (2010) for the new CT Scanner.The CT scanner suite at Groves is named in honor of the GHVA and will remain named as such in the new hospital.

GHVA Bursary

Groves Hospital Volunteer Association is committed to providing financial assistance to eligible Grade 12 students at participating schools continuing post secondary education in the health-care field and are residents of the service area of Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

Currently, bursaries are awarded to a maximum of six (6)  students annually.  The eligible recipients will be announced by June 1 and will each receive $1,000.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must:

  • Be a resident of the service area of Groves Memorial Community Hospital
  • Be a Grade 12 student attending one of Centre Wellington District High School, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School,  St. James Catholic High School, Emmanuel Christian High School, or St. John's Kilmarnock School.
  • Be accepted by a university, college or recognized school in a health-related field of study.

Bursary Application Forms:

Application forms can be picked up from the participating high schools, the Volunteer Office located in the Groves Hospital Gift Shop and at the New to You store in Fergus. Or, please click here to access the form.

How to Submit

Completed bursary application forms can be scanned and emailed 


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