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Additional Services

Know Your Options/Virtual ED

Options and how to access virtual urgent care for both children and adults in Ontario Health (West). Click Here. 
Know your Health Care Options. Click Here. 

Pastoral Services

Pastoral services are offered at Groves Memorial Community Hospital regardless of faith or creed.

Pastoral services are available to all patients and visitors. If you have any questions regarding our pastoral services, please contact your health care provider.

Telephones and Televisions

Hospitality Network, in partnership with Groves Hospital, offers an automated television and telephone rental system.

TV and phone services are free of charge. 


Groves Hospital offers free Wi-Fi Service to patients and visitors. Staying connected to family, friends and the outside world is a very important aspect in providing a positive Groves Hospital experience.

Accessing the Wi-Fi Service is easy (there are no passwords or user names required). Patients and visitors can use their own laptop, smartphone or smart tablet by choosing the following Wi-Fi Service:


Users will have to accept terms and conditions button before gaining access

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

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