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Telephones and Televisions

Hospitality Network, in partnership with Groves Hospital, offers and automated television and telephone rental system.

Features of the system include self-serve 24/7 service activation. 

Patients simply dial 3398 from the patient’s bedside phone to order television and telephone service.  Patient family members or friends may also call (1-866-223-3686) from any phone outside of the hospital during call center hours to activate services for loved ones or family members. 

Methods of payment for the automated TV rental service will be Visa or MasterCard. Visa gift cards are available in the Groves Hospital Volunteer Association Gift Shop.

If you are being transferred within Groves Memorial, simply dial 3398 to transfer your service with you or discontinue service. In order to do this you will need to re-enter the first and last 4 digits of your Visa or MasterCard.

Rental Information

Premium TV Service:  $11.00 per day (plus applicable taxes)

Telephone Rental: $4.00 per day (plus applicable taxes)

TV Complex Continuing Care: $66.00 per 28 days (plus applicable taxes)

Telephone Complex Continuing Care: $44.00 per 28 days (plus applicable taxes)

For patients who may be renting for a longer period of time, (what is longer period of time) we are pleased to offer our “Customer Loyalty Program.”  For more information pertaining to the “Customer Loyalty Program” tune your TV to channel 75. Customer Loyalty Program is not available in Complex Continuing Care.

Under the Preferred Accommodations Program, complimentary TV and phone service may be included when paying for private or semi-private room accommodations.  For further information contact the Admitting Department.

To ensure a higher level of comfort for fellow patients and staff, Hospitality Network will be providing headsets at no charge to all nursing stations for patients to pick up. Patients can keep or discard the headsets.

How To Order Rental Service

Activation & Payment with VISA or MasterCard (From your patient bedside phone)

  • Have your Visa or MasterCard ready.
  • From the patient’s bedside telephone, dial 3398.
  • If you need assistance, dial 3398 and ‘0’ for our call centre.  See call centre hours below.

Activation & Payment with VISA or MasterCard (From outside of the Hospital)

  • Have your Visa or MasterCard ready and know the patient’s room and bed number.
  • Call Hospitality Network at 1-866-223-3686 between 8:30 am to 10:00 pm Monday to Friday
    and 10:30 am to 8:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you need to call back for any reason you will need to re-enter the first 4 and last 4 digits of your Visa or MasterCard.

Reporting Services Issues

Upon renting the TV service or at any time during the rental period, should a rented TV fail to operate properly, please dial 3398 or 1-866-223-3686 to report the problem. This call should be made by anyone made aware of the problem (patient, patient family, nursing, wards clerks) and should identify the nature of the problem, the room, bed number and name of hospital. However, before calling to place a service request, please check to see that the TV is plugged into the wall outlet, as movement of the bed or furniture sometimes causes the TV to become unplugged.

For additional information, please tune your TV to channel 75.

A portion of the revenue generated is returned to Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

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