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Paul Smith


Paul Smith and Patty Uhrig and their six boys live outside of Elora where Patty runs Elora Home Hardware.  Paul is President and CEO of First Healthcare Products, Inc.of Sanborn, NY.  He started as a volunteer with Groves Hospital and the Groves Foundation after watching his father wage a nine year battle against thyroid cancer in both Canada and the US.  “Groves has the best doctors, nurses, management and staff you could ask for in a hospital either side of the border.  They have practiced for many years in a facility dramatically inferior to most US hospitals.  The Groves team and the Centre Wellington community richly deserve their new hospital and the best equipment we can afford them.  We are entering a challenging and very exciting chapter in the story of healthcare in Wellington County and we have a great team in place.  It is an honour to work alongside so many talented and dedicated people.  I look forward to working with the Board, the Groves team, the Foundation, Volunteer Association, WWLHIN, Ministry and our many healthcare provider partners to improve the health of our residents over the coming years and the system that supports them.

Groves Memorial Community Hospital

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