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Patient Registration

Patient Registration

Standards for registration require all individuals to uniquely identify themselves.  Your information such as name, address and date of birth is recorded for the purpose of identification, contact and billing.  Your personal health insurance card helps us to correctly identify and thus maintain patient safety. 
Patients are expected to provide identifying documents at each visit.  
  • Your Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card and/or additional insurance information (such as a workplace or private insurance plan);
  • If you do not have an OHIP card you will be required to show other ID preferably government issued
  • The full name and address of your family doctor
  • Emergency contact information/next of kin information such as address, telephone number. 
  • Current medications you are taking in their original containers
Please check with your care provider before eating and drinking. Food or drink can impact certain test results or procedures.
There are various types of visits when accessing care.  Please follow information provided by care provider.  The following information helps you prepare for and understand what to expect with each type of admission.

For short-term appointments, like a diagnostic test, an emergency department visit or a day procedure:

  • You may wish to arrange for child care if possible rather than bringing children to the hospital if they’re not receiving care;
  • You may want to bring some reading material or activities to stay occupied during any waiting;
  • You may need a support person to help bring you home, especially if your visit involved sedation or an anesthetic. Please have their contact information available

For Overnight stays please click here for detailed information.

For Obstetric stays please click her for detailed information.


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