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Palliative Care

Hospice Palliative Care Patient Services

“Healing is about radically coming into the present…healing is about letting go of the past, of the future…healing is about attending to my whole person needs.”

              Dr. Balfour Mount, Father of Canadian Hospice Palliative Care      

Hospice Palliative Care aims to relieve suffering and improve the quality of living and dying. At North Wellington Health Care, our palliative care providers promote comfort for the person who is dealing with a life-threatening illness when the focus of care is no longer to cure. We take a holistic approach, viewing the patient and family as the unit of care within the psychological, social, cultural, spiritual and practical domains. Our approach is multi-disciplinary, drawing on the unique knowledge and skills of the palliative care team in order to manage pain and other distressing symptoms.

“To Cure sometimes, To relieve often, To comfort always”


Resources for Families



When Someone is Dying… What can I expect? What can I do?

Easing the Hurt…. A handbook of comfort for families and friends of people who are seriously ill. By: Elizabeth J. Latimer MD

Miles to go…A handbook of comfort and support for people who are seriously ill. By: Elizabeth J. Latimer MD


Please let us know how we are doing with our Pallaitaive Care Services. Please print and mail the folowing survey to attn: Palliative Patient Care Manager, Groves Hospital 235 Union Street East, Fergus, ON N1M 1W3   Click here to complete a short survey. 

Groves Memorial Community Hospital

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