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General Orientation

Welcome to Groves Memorial Community Hospital!

Thank you for joining our team of staff, physicians and volunteers whose vision is to be leaders in the provision of excellent, compassionate, rural health care. Our goal is to make your orientation process as easy as possible. All of your orientation materials you will need to review can be found below. The entire orientation process takes approximatley four to five hours. Feel free to break up your time over a few days. If you still have questions after reviewing the below information please feel free to contact our Human Resources Department at:

Please click on each link below and follow each presentation until completed:

Code of Conduct/Behaviours

Communication Presentation

Privacy Presentation

HELP Program

GEM Seniors Friendly Orientation

Ethics Presentation

Ethical Framework

Patient Safety-Adverse Events

Code Red - Fire Training

WHMIS 1988 and WHMIS 2015 Training

Health and Safety Worker Training

Health and Safety Supervisor Training

Infection Prevention and Control

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Jeopardy Game

Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention Program

Accessibility and Human Rights

Healthy Hospital Video

Emerging Infectious Diseases and VHF (including Ebola Virus Disease)

Baby Friendly Initiative

Attendance Support and Awareness

Least Restraint Review

Lifts and Transfers

Back Care Presentation - please click on each video link and watch the video:

Arjo Lift

Mechanical Lift

Lifts and Transfers - Good Pivots

Lifts and Transfers - Good Reposition

Lifts and Transfers - Two person pivot transfer

Lifts and Transfers - One person pivot transfer

Bed to Chair Transfer Using Walker

Two Person Reposition and Lie to Sit

Selecting a Mechanical Lift Sling





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