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About Us

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Throughout the decades Groves Memorial Community Hospital (GMCH) has been a pioneer in delivering standard-setting, high quality, rural, medical care.

Our 44-bed acute care facility, located in the heart of Fergus, Ontario offers a wide range of services.

We serve a local and regional population of over 34,500, and provide over 68,000 patient services annually. Our hospital currently operates with over 277 staff, 84 Medical Staff and 254 dedicated volunteers.

Our mission, as a rural hospital, is to enable people to achieve optimal health through a range of integrated health services provided by a committed team working with a network of partners.

We value caring, accountability, respect, excellence - all with integrity.

Our vision at Groves Memorial Community Hospital is to be a leader in the provision of excellent, compassionate, rural health care.

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goals are to:

  • Focus on patient care and safety
  • Focus on quality improvement and the hospitals of tomorrow
  • Achieve a safe, healthy and respectful workplace
  • Achieve a balanced and sustainable financial position
To view our Stratetgic Plans please click on the link below:

Patient Declaration of Values

Patient Declaration of Values for Waterloo Wellington:

As a patient of the hospital, I believe I have the right to the best care the organization can deliver.

As a patient or client, I value that….

  • I am provided with high quality care and services that focus on my whole being – mind, body and spirit.
  • My family and I are treated with respect, compassion and understanding of our unique needs.
  • I am an active partner in my health care and as such am given reliable and current information so I can make informed decisions.
  • I can express my appreciation or concerns about my health care experience knowing my health care provider are actively listening.

Senior Management Team

Stephen Street
President and CEO

Stephanie Pearsall
VP Patient Services/Chief Nursing Executive

Dan Coghlan
VP Corporate/Planning and CFO

Dr. Rick Gergovich

Chief of Staff


Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

Dr. Abraham Groves (1847-1935) was a famous surgeon in Fergus, Ontario.

He was a pioneer in the use of antiseptics and sterilization, stomach surgery, and X-ray treatment for cancer. Dr. Groves was the first surgeon in Canada to perform an appendectomy; before that, people with appendicitis died.

Almost from the beginning of his practice, his ability and skill as a surgeon began to be recognized, and the demands for his professional services grew rapidly.

He opened a hospital, the Royal Alexandra, in Fergus in 1902 and included a nursing school.

Dr. Groves gave the hospital to Fergus in 1935 and it was rebuilt as the Groves Memorial Community Hospital.


Groves Memorial Community Hospital

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  • 235 Union Street East, Fergus, ON N1M 1W3
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  • Phone: (519) 843-2010